For the 2019 IFL season YOU, the Arizona Rattlers Fans, were voted as the best fan base in the IFL!  With this comes a great responsibility to show fans of all teams, not only in the IFL, but all arena football, how to be passionate for our Arizona Rattlers and humble at the same time. 

Lately, there has been a large amount of negative comments and banter that has elevated to the point it is no longer “just fun.” Some of these interactions have involved members and/or officers of PRBC.

With new teams joining the IFL, more people look at other teams social media pages and see some of the hostile comments and are turned off to the IFL by what is posted by fans.  Remember, we need to promote the sport in a positive light and welcome new fans to a fun environment, not scare them away with demeaning posts and online arguments.

This is not what indoor football is about. One of the things that separates indoor football from the NFL is our close connection to the teams, the players and the fans, both inside and outside of your team. We are fortunate to have an organization that allows us to interact with the other teams during the pre-game parties and that we interact on social media with groups all across the country. In the NFL, that is unheard of.